Just a little bit more of the inside scoop on Whidbey Island!

Island Unseen

If my same-size sister and I had known that the canoe our neighbors agreed to loan us weighed nearly as much as one of us, we’d have handled things differently. Our plan: to lift, load and transport the dark green Coleman X Scanoe to our destination seven miles away: Cornet Bay, part of Deception Pass State Park, where we’d then unload the behemoth and paddle over to Ben Ure (rhymes with “cur”) Island for a camping adventure. The canoe was not only heavy but so large that its sides extended beyond the three successively larger cars, thus roof racks, from which we had to choose. We finally found a set it would fit (though not well) on our our old Dodge Caravan, half-filled with cedar-smelling brush awaiting transport. The tiny (by my calculation, about 11.5 acres) island to which we were headed is named after an infamous man with a “rocky…exciting”…

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