Lovely re-cap of a lovely piece of the Pacific Northwest!

Island Unseen

Rosario Beach at Deception Pass State Park

Shh…Don’t tell anyone.

Arrive on any non-summer-visitor-rush day at Rosario Beach and you will likely be alone. I know, right? Unfortunately, most folks must visit during the summer months, which are also awesome, as long as you don’t mind sharing. And I don’t.

First, the tide pools, also known as the Urchin Rocks, for reasons that will become obvious when you arrive. En route, stop at the kiosk (you’ll pass it and the new restroom facilities on your way).

Check out the sketch on the back side to see examples of creatures you might encounter during low tide. The informational sign shows several creatures that I have yet to find, including nudibranchs and octopuses.RosarioSetup6RosarioSetup7

Then follow the path towards the water and head to the rocks on the right. During the summer, a Beach Watcher will likely greet you. Urchin Rocks at Rosario Beachtidepool sculpinShe is there to remind you to tread carefully on the rocks…

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